New Version Google eBook SEO Guide for Beginner

TRICKS COLLECTION -- About two years ago Google released the “Search Engine Optimization Guide for Beginner” eBook. On September 28, 2010 Google has released new version of theSEO guide eBook. There are some new content in the new version of Google SEO eBook, some of them more example images on the tutorial to help user understand the content, how to optimize website for mobile devices, clearer wording for better readability,  and glossary to define terms throughout the guide.
Unlike previous versions “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide for Beginner“ eBook that are available in 40 languages, the new version Google eBook at this time only available on English version, for other version maybe available on few weeks/months later. If you have downloaded old version of “Search Engine Optimization Guide for Beginner” I suggest you to download this newest version of this Google eBook.
Search Engine Optimization Guide for Beginner
The complete content on the Google SEO Guide for Beginner
  1. SEO basics: contain basic optimization for website
  2. Improving Site Structure: How to create best website structure
  3. Optimizing Content: How to optimize the website content on search engine
  4. 4. Dealing with Crawlers
  5. SEO for Mobile Phones: Tutorial optimizing website for mobile phone
  6. Promotions and Analysis: Right way to promote website and how to analyze a website
Interested with this eBook SEO guide, download the eBook here: search-engine-optimization-starter-guide.pdf

Website Builder Software: The Secrets Web Designers Don’t Want You To Know!

TRICKS COLLECTION -- Most people that are thinking of having a website for their business or organisation will typically hire a web designer or web design agency to design and build the website for them. After all, it’s best to entrust such matters into the hands of professionals, right?
Well, that isn’t always the best thing to do. Just like with any trade, you are going to find good and bad web designers, and even the good ones don’t always get it right; you could potentially end up working with a web designer or agency that doesn’t properly convey the message that you want to get across to your customers and other key stakeholders.
Website Builder Software - The Secrets Web Designers Don't Want You To Know!
Not only can this have the potential for disaster, but you might have also wasted hundreds or even thousands of pounds for nothing! Obviously this is not a great situation to be in, and so many folks try their hand at designing a website themselves using software such as Adobe Dreamweaver.
The trouble with using software like that is you have to be quite adept at using it. There are many professional web designers that use Dreamweaver, but because it is such a complex software program many designers often have to undertake lots of specialist training in order to fully get to grips with using it.

What web designers don’t want you to know

You might be feeling a little disheartened at this point, because you think that you are fast running out of options here – but actually there is one option open to you, and it’s an option that web designers across Britain are trying to keep a secret from people like yourself; I am, of course, talking about the use of website builder software!
There are many different types of website builder software programs out there, but they all have one thing in common: they want to make it easy for consumers like you to build your own websites!

Here are some reasons why you should seriously consider using website builder software:

  • They are cheap to use – it’s quite frustrating to think that you could be paying a “professional” as much money as you would probably earn in an entire month to build you a website and end up with something useless. With website builder software, it is a very cost-effective (and sometimes even free) way to build your dream website;
  • They are user friendly – desktop software like Adobe Dreamweaver which I mentioned a little earlier is aimed at professional web designers and not for end-users, whereas website builder software can be used by anyone;
  • They offer powerful features – you might think website builders are a bit rubbish and offer designs that are very “cookie cutter”, but you would be surprised by the powerful features they offer. They certainly give enterprise-grade software a run for their money;
They save time – because you don’t have to spend ages learning about some new software program, how to code in HTML and CSS or know the difference between pixels and points, you can get your website up and running in no time!

The Start Button Appears Again in Windows 8.1

TRICKS COLLECTION -- Microsoft, the Microsoft Build Conference in San Francisco, announced the availability of a preview version of Windows 8.1, the updates from Windows operating system 8.
As a point of update for Windows 8, there are some changes to the operating system, but Microsoft has thankfully made a few tweaks (modifications) on the interface, along with updates to applications and other improvements would be appreciated of users.
In developing Windows 8, Microsoft always listening to feedback from users and try to resolve the issue through the new interface.
The Start Button Appears Again in Windows 8.1
The following features are new in Windows 8.1 as shelled by CNET:
Start Menu
One of the biggest complaints for Windows 8 is the removal of the Start button in the lower left corner of the computer screen desktop.
A step ahead of Microsoft’s touch-screen computing makes him rethink the way people use their computers in Windows 8, but those who spent many years clicking on the Start button as the operating system navigation, lack of familiarity with this new system.
As a compromise over it, Microsoft re-introduced the Start button on Windows 8.1 in the lower left corner of the screen.
By clicking on the Start button then Start screen appears, in which you can type a few letters to find and open the app, just like in Windows 8.
In addition, Microsoft added a right click on the Start button to display the Control Panel settings, open the Task Manager, perform a search, and a few other system tools.
At the bottom of the pop-up menu when you right click, there is the option to restart the computer–functions that were previously found in the top right corner of the screen in Windows 8, by clicking Settings, Power, Shutdown or Restart.
Boot to the Desktop
There is a change where users will appreciate it, namely the ability to boot a Windows machine (a process start your computer) directly to the desktop from within the operating system.
Xbox Music
In Windows 8, Xbox Music allows you to stream music for free from the library of which there are more than 30 million songs. In Windows 8.1, the application has been redesigned to make it easier to move around the interface.
A left navigation panel allows you to start a radio station, explore artist, play the songs from your collection, or to create and organize playlists. On the right side of the screen, you can see the artist, exploring content, watch videos, and more.
Search updates
When performing a search, you will get the global results from several sources including files, SkyDrive, applications and the Web.
All of your search results will be displayed horizontally, with the result that many more from other sources when you are dragging to the right.
When you search for popular actors, musicians, sports figures, and other famous people, Windows 8 will display what is called a screen Hero.
On the search for Kanye West, for example, you get great photos, songs and movies or video that are related. When someone is not famous, you get a standard Web search results with links to Web sites and photo.
Flexibility with Snap
On Windows 8.1, you will be able to run more applications simultaneously on one monitor by changing the size of the application window and use the Snap function.
Now, you can have up to four applications running on one screen simultaneously, as long as the screen has a high enough resolution.
Resolution 2,560 x 1,440 pixels required to display four applications simultaneously. With a dual-monitor setup, you can have eight applications running at once.
Microsoft added some personalization features with both the Start screen and lock screen so that people can add their own style to a little desktop and tablet.
There are many color options for the background, and you can display a slideshow on the screen lock with the photo currently contained on the hard drive or stored on SkyDrive (online file storage).
Better camera applications
Significantly the improved camera application in Windows 8.1. On Windows 8.1 you get a complete set of photo-editing tools to enhance color, brightness and contrast, and red-eye, as well as choose from six different filters.
Windows Store
A redesign on Windows 8.1 with clean look, larger images, and the overall layout is more subtle and sophisticated. Microsoft ensures that you will always have the latest version of the application auto-updates.

A Brief Guide on SEO Hosting

TRICKS COLLECTION -- Days are gone by and the technology is getting changed in the fastest way. Today which is the latest and most updated is replaced by another new device and the space of time between them is very short. So if we consider SEO host is the most updated and is would be wrong because the very place obtained by SEO hosting is replaced by the most updated C class IP hosting. But to be a proficient and successful web host, one should have a sound knowledge on both SEO and C class IP hosting.
A Brief Guide on SEO Hosting
At first we have to know what a multiple IP hosting is. Multiple IP hosting is hosting the domain by using the same server. There are different search engines by which the domains can be hosted by non- identically from one another by using the same server.
It works by hosting the domain which is allotted an individual IP by the web host. These IPs have different C class. Though the domain is hosted in a single server, there are blocks for the IPs and they are quite different from one another. People, who are going to start their web business, request to the hosting company for the list of the available IPs from them. The web hosting companies provide web assistants for the customer service. By watching the list and discussing with the company representatives, they can easily choose the right IP for their purpose. It is of a great help for the armatures.
Before processing, the users are asked the check the IPs if they are rotatable, the number of IP blocks and the space in them. Most of the reputed companies ensure the authenticity of their words and service.
It is confused by most of the webmasters that C class IP hosting is quite same with the shared hosting. It is something wrong. After a close inspection, it would be clear that, C class IP hosting is capable of providing the best service.
Interlinking is possible in the C class IP hosting, that is not available for the other servers. After building up the with C class IP hosting, it is possible to create link wheels, blog farms and other interlinking Web. And it is the most correct solution to choose the SEO hosting and C class IP hosting in order for your higher ranking. And when you compare the cost with the other server in the present market, C class IP would appear before you as the most affordable option.
So, SEO hosting is the right choice for any webmasters.

Download Microsoft Mathematics – Free Software for Education

Microsoft Mathematics is easy to use software to solve math equation from basic math, algebra, trigonometry, calculus (differential and integral) and more. This software also provides graphing capabilities in Cartesian, parametric and polar and more. This is a great tool for student and teacher. Since Microsoft mathematics version 4.0 this software released as freeware.
The best from Microsoft mathematics, this provides step-by-step instructions the math equation problem solving and explains fundamental concepts. Microsoft Mathematics is standalone software but also can be integrated with Microsoft word using add-ins.
Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 (the latest version) work under windows operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3, windows Server 2008.
Microsoft Mathematics Features
  • Step-by-Step Match Equation Solver to help students learn how to solve math problems
  • Graphing calculator to visualize data in two-dimensional and three-dimensional color graphs
  • Formulas and Equations Library provides more than 100 commonly used equations and formulae
  • Triangle Solver to solve trigonometry-based match equations
  • Unit Conversion tool. Easy to use tool to convert units of measure (length, area, volume, weight, temperature, pressure, energy, power, velocity, and time)
The Microsoft Mathematics installer can be downloaded here: download Microsoft mathematics. This software released in January 2011. Useful resource related to Microsoft Mathematics software: Microsoft mathematics teacher guide.

5 Smart Ways to Optimize Google Chrome

TRICKS COLLECTION - Google Chrome is one of the current popular browsers. Intense competition in speed, security, and convenience in the browser market making the Google Chrome is always improving the quality of its products.
But did you know that Google Chrome actually has a lot of hidden potential that not many people know about it. Well, this time will try to reveal anything that can be done to optimize the use of Google Chrome. There about 5 smart ways to optimize your Google Chrome:
5 Smart Ways to Optimize Google Chrome
1. Shortcut Google Chrome
The efficiency of the use of an application can be accomplished by using a shortcut. Chrome itself has a list of shortcuts that can be utilized like below:
Ctrl + T: Open new tab.
Ctrl + N: Open a new window.
Ctrl + Shift + T: Open recently closed tabs. With this shortcut we can open up to 10 tabs that have been closed.
Ctrl + Shift + N: Open a new window in incognito mode.
Alt + F or Alt + E: Open the Chrome menu.
Ctrl + Shift + B: To open or close the bookmarks bar.
Ctrl + H: Open history page.
Ctrl + J: Open download page.
Shift + Esc: Open the Chrome Task Manager, so we can see which tab is the most widely used resource when the system start slow.
2. Change the Chrome Icon
Bored with the Chrome icon – that’s it? Turns out the Chrome has the choice of icon that we can use. Do right click the shortcut of Chrome Icon > Properties.
Change the Chrome Icon
Select the Shortcut Tab and click Change Icon and then select the icon which is most interesting to you.
3. Set Homepage
We can set up more than one homepage to directly open when the Chrome running. This can save our time to open certain websites without having to type in the URL yourself. Open the Chrome menu (Alt + E) > Settings > Open a specific page or a set of pages. Then Select the set pages and enter the URL of the website that we will make the homepage.
4. Split Window
Interesting in Chrome are we can split the window into two in one tab by using the javascript trick or you can use Chrome Extensions like this
5. Use the Cool Extensions
Extensions – many make Chrome we can get maximum functionality and not only that also makes it more attractive. The Extention we can see on the page Chrome Webstore.

Tricks Theme V2 BlogSpot Version Available for Download

After release Tricks themes V2 WordPress version,  Tricks collections theme V2 BlogSpot version now available for download.
Like the “tricks theme v2″ wordpress version, on blogspot version have almost the same features such as social bookmarking buttons, related post, favicon ready, etc and on the blogspot version also Adsense ready.
If you need a Adsense ready template for blogspot is you can download this template. I’ve embed adsense code on this template and you can replace with your Adsense code and this template also has two versions are with the logo and without logo Read more
tricks-blogspot-versionHow to Upload this template to blogspot:
  1. Login to blogspot Account
  2. Click “Layout” on the blog that will be replaced by this theme.
  3. Click “Edit HTML”. Select the template by clicking browse and click Upload.
Tips setting to show comment form on you blog if using this Template
Be make sure to setting your blogspot blog like the following tips to make this theme appear properly in your blog when installing this theme.
  1. Click “Setting” the select “comment” Tab
  2. On  “Comments” check show
  3. Select “Embedded below post“ on “Comment Form Placement”
  4. On “Show profile images on comments “ select no
  5. Save the setting
Tips Replace Adsense code on this template:
  1. Layout, edit HTML
  2. Check mark “Expand Widget Templates ”
  3. Replace Adsense code between “<div class=’topadsense’> and </div>”. Setting Color for this Adsense “background=#FFFFFF, link=#666666”
  4. Replace Adsense code between “<!– start adsense content top –> and <!– end adsense content top –>””
  5. You must parse the adsense code before inserted into the template.
Tips for template with Logo version template
  1. You can replace the Logo on this template by replacing path of logo on “h1.logo a
Tips if Using 125x125px banner
  • Add Text/HTML gadget to the sidebar then create this DIV tag: “<div class=’sponsor’><div>” in the gadget
  • Copy 125×125 banner code betwen the TAG
Template without logo version: Download | View Demo Template with logo version: Download |View Demo
Download link for newest version tricks 2 blogger skin: Tricks 2 blogspot skin logo version: download and nologo version: download
What new in the new version?
  1. Fixed bug in blogger page, now in blogger page show full content.
  2. Category/Label automatic split into two column like newest version of tricks 2 theme WP version.
  3. Fixed thumbnail if no image displayed
Note: if you use old version, upgrade it to the newest version. If you use newest version please change the meta keyword and description in the tricks 2 blogger skin.
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