Tricks Theme V2 BlogSpot Version Available for Download

After release Tricks themes V2 WordPress version,  Tricks collections theme V2 BlogSpot version now available for download.
Like the “tricks theme v2″ wordpress version, on blogspot version have almost the same features such as social bookmarking buttons, related post, favicon ready, etc and on the blogspot version also Adsense ready.
If you need a Adsense ready template for blogspot is you can download this template. I’ve embed adsense code on this template and you can replace with your Adsense code and this template also has two versions are with the logo and without logo Read more
tricks-blogspot-versionHow to Upload this template to blogspot:
  1. Login to blogspot Account
  2. Click “Layout” on the blog that will be replaced by this theme.
  3. Click “Edit HTML”. Select the template by clicking browse and click Upload.
Tips setting to show comment form on you blog if using this Template
Be make sure to setting your blogspot blog like the following tips to make this theme appear properly in your blog when installing this theme.
  1. Click “Setting” the select “comment” Tab
  2. On  “Comments” check show
  3. Select “Embedded below post“ on “Comment Form Placement”
  4. On “Show profile images on comments “ select no
  5. Save the setting
Tips Replace Adsense code on this template:
  1. Layout, edit HTML
  2. Check mark “Expand Widget Templates ”
  3. Replace Adsense code between “<div class=’topadsense’> and </div>”. Setting Color for this Adsense “background=#FFFFFF, link=#666666”
  4. Replace Adsense code between “<!– start adsense content top –> and <!– end adsense content top –>””
  5. You must parse the adsense code before inserted into the template.
Tips for template with Logo version template
  1. You can replace the Logo on this template by replacing path of logo on “h1.logo a
Tips if Using 125x125px banner
  • Add Text/HTML gadget to the sidebar then create this DIV tag: “<div class=’sponsor’><div>” in the gadget
  • Copy 125×125 banner code betwen the TAG
Template without logo version: Download | View Demo Template with logo version: Download |View Demo
Download link for newest version tricks 2 blogger skin: Tricks 2 blogspot skin logo version: download and nologo version: download
What new in the new version?
  1. Fixed bug in blogger page, now in blogger page show full content.
  2. Category/Label automatic split into two column like newest version of tricks 2 theme WP version.
  3. Fixed thumbnail if no image displayed
Note: if you use old version, upgrade it to the newest version. If you use newest version please change the meta keyword and description in the tricks 2 blogger skin.

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